You’re a rare gem in this generation, Hon. Abdullahi praises Col. Sani at 80

Penultimate Sunday witnessed the celebration of another milestone in the life of Col. Sani Bello (rtd) who turned 80.

While speaking with Gulmawuya correspondent via phone, the member praised the retired soldier and thank him for his service for the nation as well as his ongoing advices for the betterment of the people of Niger state. He is indeed a rare gem in this our generation.

He said, “Yesterday, we celebrated 80 extraordinary years of my inspiring father, Col. Sani Bello (Sarkin Malaman Kontagora)! We love you sir!”️

She added, “Col. Sani Bello (rtd) is our father. He is amongst father’s of our state (Niger state), we will continue to identify with him,” the serving member said, adding that Col. Sani (Sarkin Malaman Kontagora) served the country wholeheartedly and that his records of achievements would continue to speak for themselves.”

“More than ever before, the state needed the deep wise counsel of Col. Sani Bello at this time and prayed God to grant him and his household the peace that was needed for his longevity.” – Hon. Abdullahi said

The member made a special prayer for the retired colonel, asked God to grant him more years so that the country could continue to tap on his wisdom and talent.

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