Sarauniya Charity Foundation set to build a brand new mosque at Gallawa (photos)

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation is set to build a brand new mosque for the people of Gallawa community.

The information was being disclosed to Gulmawuya by the President of the foundation during an interview.

She said “as I am talking to you now the foundation is currently making all the necessary arrangements to construct a brand new mosque for the good people of Gallawa community.”

“The old mosque has been demolished, a new foundation of the new mosque will be raised form scratch, and the mosque will be expanded unlike the previous mosque because of the growing number of the members of that community as the previous mosque is small for the community.”

Demolished Gallawa Mosque..

“As we all know religion plays a very vital role in our lives and because of these reason the foundation find it deemed fit to touch that area that matters a lot to every living being that believes in God. The project does not only have an impact in the lives of the poor alone but the rich as well cause a place of worship encompasses everyone in the society.”

“We hope to complete the project as fast as we can so that the good people of Gallawa community can continue to pray in the mosque.”

“The foundation now have an architectural design solely m for the new mosques that we start constructing recently,I will share it with you. But Gallawa’s mosque will not have this design. The design is meant for future mosque projects.”

Sarauniya Charity Foundation is a non-government organization aimed at fostering peace and uniting in the nation through helping the needy, less-privileged, widows, orphans as well as promoting infrastructural development.

See photos of the architectural design of the mosque below;

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