Sarauniya Charity Foundation digs 71 water wells at various Fulani Settlements (Ruga)

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation has dig over 71 wells at various Fulani settlements across Nigeria.

The information was made public through the office of the President of the Sarauniya Charity Foundation, Hajiya Rabi’atu Umar (Fulani). The statement read;

“Everybody know that every living thing stems from water, and this tells that water is essential to life. We all require water for our daily needs, yet there are millions of people without access to clean
potable water across the globe. Millions of people in Nigeria lack access to clean drinkable

“One of our goal at Sarauniya Charity Foundation is to provide a portable water system in rural and vulnerable communities in
Nigeria with long-lasting benefit for years to come.”

“Access to clean water transform the lives of entire communities, reduce the spread of water borne diseases, reduce man hours spent fetching water miles away from home, provide safety for female members of the community as they travel long distance to get water. These Wells can serve up to 200 people, providing access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking, as well as keeping livestock hydrated. On average, these wells serve around 35 families. Whilst we encourage each an everyone to invest in providing a well for both your loved ones that may have passed away and also for ourselves for investment in the next life.”

“So far, the Foundatin is able to dug over 772 wells and out of those dug wells, 71 wells were dug across various Fulani herdsmen settlements in Nigeria. Fulani cow herdsmen play a very vital role in the economic growth of our nation especially in the area of beef production and aside from that, they are member of our society who usually settle in rural areas because of lush green vegetation of such areas for their livestocks. And because of this lifestyle, they tend to inadequately lack a lot social amenities enjoyed in most urban areas.”

“That is why the Foundation sees ur deemed fit for assist the Fulani communities by digging wells for their communities which help them from having easily clean accessible water for their day to day livelihood and livestocks. Instead of rely on stagnant rivers and some streams as most of them do for their water supply which can easily be contaminated and spread all sort of water borne diseases.”

Sarauniya Charity Foundation has dug thousands of well across rural communities in the nation with the aim of providing easily accessible water supply to people.

See photos of the President at one of the Fulani herdsmen settlement;

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