Sarauniya Charity Foundation donates medical kits and mosquitoes nets to Almajiri schools

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation has provided medical kits (malaria drugs and other needed consumables drugs) and treated mosquito nets to Islamic Almajiri school in Suleja.

This information was disclosed by Sarauniya Charity Foundation through the office of the President of the foundation, Hajiya Rabi’atu Umar (Fulani), which states “We are glad that in our own little ways, as we are all joining hands to make a better society.”

“Through this donations, we looking forward to shooting two birds with one stone which is to care for the health almajiri student and eradicate malaria in our society with emphasis on methods of preventing some of the diseases that have continued to ravage our people, particular at this level. We are hoping this will further improve their health status. From the findings in the last years back, malaria still tops the list of diseases that ravage the people of our society.”

“Sarauniya Charity Foundation is going to continue to collaborate with more Almajiri school proprietors in many areas across the nation to come up with strategies towards which we can better the lot of Almajiri children in schools.”

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation has provided medical kits to not just only Almajiri schools but to man communities across the nation.

See photos below;

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