Sarauniya Charity foundation donates clothes to Almajiri schools proprietors and teachers

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation has donated 4,500 clothes to teachers and proprietors of Almajiri schools across the nation.

This information was made public in a statement released by the office of the foundation.

“The foundation has donated 4,500 pairs of clothes to teachers and proprietors of various Almajiri schools across the nation for their dedicative hard-work and contribution in the area of education in their society.”

“It has come to the notice of the foundation that making such a direct donation to these teachers or proprietors will make an impactful change in their lives.

“The little donations will allow them to breathe a little easier and spend a lot less time worrying about how they are going to come up with the funds they need to get through the school year. Even the idea of having to purchase supplies for their classroom can cause an unnecessary and stressful situation for many teachers.”

“And it a way for us to thank them for their hardwork and dedication towards ensuring the education of
many children from all part of the country. We believe we can still do more and will continue to do our best in making sure we fend for them to lessen the burden on them.”

The foundation have contributed essentially to Almajiri Schools recently with numerous donations such as medical kits, food items, mosquito nets and many more.

See photos below;

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