Sarauniya Charity Foundation digs 772 wells across Nigeria (Photos)

Sarauniya Charity Foundation, a non-governmental charitable organization has dig over 772 well in settlements across Nigeria, in its effort to provide easy portable and accessible water to people living in hardship especially those living in the heart of rural communities across Nigeria.

The report was disclosed in a statement signed by the President of Sarauniya Charity Foundation, Hajiya Rabi’atu Umar (Fulani) which reads “We have been able to dig more than 772 wells various rural communities across Nigeria. It is critical that the Sarauniya Charity Foundation is appropriately delivering in the aspect of providing accessible water to most importantly rural communities.”

“The wells are being dug in strategic areas, that can easily be accessible to every member of the community that such projects are executed. The Foundation strongly believe in it’s goal to promote rural community development by the provision of sustainable water sources and reducing the risk of infection associated with contaminated water that are mostly associated with stream/river water sources. Our mission is to provide easily accessible water sources to as many people in rural areas in Nigeria and other parts of the world.”

“By providing access to clean portable water and sanitation is very essential in driving a greater global gender equity, because so many children especially the girl child are the ones who are collect this water instead of being in school.”

“According to investigative research there has been an improvement cause the macro numbers tell us things are definitely getting better cause records have it that so far, more than 2 billion people now have access to water and sanitation for the first time in the last two decades or so. So that’s the really good news. The bad news is there are still hundreds of millions of people without accessible access to water in not just Nigeria alone but across the globe. But with time, we will get to those communities that need our help by providing an easy accessible water source to them.” – the statement reads.

Sarauniya Charity Foundation has so far dug thousands of wells cross Nigeria, and the number is by far more than that of any other non-government organizations.

See photos below;

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