2023: Constituents want Mai-Solar back in office again

Resident of Kontagora, Mariga, Mashegu and Wushishi have passed a vote of Confidence on to Hon. Abdullahi Idris Garba ( MAISOLA) to seek for another term 5x.
The committee on ONE ON ONE Campaign Organization endorsed A.I.G on Sunday, 7th August, 2022. In teacher’s House Kontagora, Niger State. Those present at the well – attended assembly included the Hon. Counselor Kudu ward Alh Jafaru Dan umma, Mall. Abdullahi Musa. H.O.D Political Science Department FCE,KG. Alh Musa Dabai, Mall. Aminu Abubakar. and other Central Committee Members. Mall. Aminu.G said at the event that A.I.G had given a good account of him self as a Federal law maker and everybody is proud of him and feeling the massive impact of his Representation Hon. A.I.G apart from initiating various Youths & Women empowerment has also made so many interventions in his contituency.

He also renovated schools and built new schools, created roads, lit up the streets, facilitated employment for our people, gave Educational tools to our students, sponsored over 250 students in FCE/KG COE/mx, and Niger poly. and also built new 1,000. ITC capacity Hall in FCE/KG. and also Sponsored over 1,200 Students that wrote jamb in 2020.

So for that it’s in our best interest to beg A.I.G to seek another term in office as he is already a principal officer of the House with great prospect to even be the speaker. If we present another person we’re definitely going to start from scratch. The person as a new cormer can’t be a principal officer, let alone eying the speakership.

Therefore it makes a great political sense to backs out our performing law maker for another term.

We thanks A.I.G for all he has done and we want him to come back to continue the good work he has started from where he stop by seeking re- election.

Because if we’re looking for credit performance, impact leadership qualities, A.I.G deserves our support he has done well and he should be supported to continue the good work. I also appeal to residents to go beyond endorsing him to come out massively for his re-election at the polls.

I equally thanks A.I.G for giving all the tribes and religious a sense of belonging without showing any differences or discriminations in Representing them. Because all tribes and religious had been assisted with various empowerment items, and had been feted by the law maker at different times. Lastly I urged all residents to go out and obtain their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) as that is the only way to re-elect A.I.G.

Mai Sola is an ACHIEVER as long as you’re not tried we are also not going to be tried. Staying long in elected offfices is not a crime it’s part of the democratic process and it’s a signal that you’re doing well. and the longest serving member House of Representatives is from USA. 59yrs, John Dingell, jn. from Michigan. So far that PLEASE! Mai Solar keep going. Long live Kontagora, Mariga, Mashegu and Wushishi. Long live Niger State and Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria.

Writer: Mall. Aminu. G

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