Sarauniya Charity Foundation feeds 250 persons (PHOTOS)

The greatest service done to humanity is serving the needy. Run by a humanitarian and philanthropist, Hajiya Rabi’atu Umar, Sarauniya Charity Foundation is an NGO that stretches its arms wide open to everyone especially the vulnerable and needy in the society.

To mark the Ashurah and Tasu’ah fasting, the foundation feed over 250 persons in the society.

While speaking with Gulmawuya’s correspondent, Hajiya Rabi’atu Umar, says “like you know the charity started with the aim of helping and feeding vulnerable people in our society. We try as much as possible to cover up the lapses that are yet to be filled by our government.”

When asked by journalists what the government should do for the community, he said, “Government has been trying but we need government to do more. Why because the challenges we have are many.

“What we are really doing today is to show love and give back to the society. What individuals, government and other parastatals need to do is partner with NGOs like Sarauniya Charity foundation and other non-governmental organizations that are initiating this kind of project.

“NGOs are instruments that the government or international organisations can use to reach out to these less privileged ones, because we are the ones at the grassroots, government cannot do it all.

“My message to the government is we are all gunning for a collective goal, which is the Sustainable Development Goal to get to a point where there is zero hunger in the nation and what we should do is partner. With that, we can collectively achieve zero hunger which is the goal 2 of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”

Sarauniya Charity Foundation has carried out multiple projects across currently including Monthly feeding of vulnerable people, IDPs back to School and multiple empowerment projects annually.

see photos below;

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