Rt. Hon. Abdullahi: The indefatigable servant of the people

Thanks It is said that” the leader of the people is the servant of the people” for the fact that the agreement by the people to choose among them a credible and capable person to be their representative is nothing but a contract (social contract).

If the contractor accomplished the assignment given to him by the people within the stipulated period of time, accolades and more contracts will be awarded to him to carryout out (continuation) but if otherwise, reverse is the case.

When people ask questions about the long stay of Rt.Hon.Abdullahi Idris Garba in office and why he is still confident to vie for the same office? I always enlighten them that it is all as a result of his energetic ability to accomplish the social contract signed between him and the good people of his Constituency and for the fact that he understands the fact that he is the servant of his people and not their master.

Now, the question is, who else in this world would want to loose a hard working servant? of course, the answer will result to be capital “NO”.

In a nutshell, the hardworking and determination of Rt.Hon.Abdullahi Idris Garba are the undisputed secret behind his political successes. It is on this note that I will still make a clarion call as usual to the good people of Kontagora, Mariga, Wushishi and Mashegu Federal Constituency to renew their contract with this humble and hard working servant in the fast approaching 2023 general election by voting him once again because a vote for him, is a vote for excellent representation, rapid and sutainable development.

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