Eid al-Fitr: Rt. Hon. Abdullahi calls for unity and prayers

The member representing Kontagora/Wushishi/Mariga/Mashegu Federal Constituency at the Green Chambers, Rt. Hon. Abdullahi Idris Garba (Jagaban Kontagora), have called on his fellow constituents and Nigerians to pray for the nation to overcome the myriad of problems facing it.

In his message to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan fasting, the house member said this is the best time for Nigerians to remember the country in prayers for it to remain as one indivisible country.

the member urged all his fellow constituents and Nigerians to seize the opportunity of today to pray against all forms of insecurity that is currently bedevilling some part of his constituency, Niger state and the country.

He said: “Unity and solidarity among all citizens, Muslims and Christians, are imperative, especially at a time when our country is faced with multiple challenges, which are surmountable only when we come together as one. We should jointly pray against the tragic incidents of kidnapping and banditry and the desperate quest for political power expressed through blackmail against the existence of our country as a united entity.”

“As Muslims, we need to remind ourselves of our obligation to ensuring peace and unity within our family and in our neighbourhood at all times. Today, across Nigeria, there is a scary and growing tendency to mistrust along ethnic and religious lines. As Muslims, we know from both the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Noble Prophet Muhammed (SAW) that no tribe or race is superior to another, except the one that seeks piety to the Almighty Allah.

“We do not attain piety through hate or blood-letting. We attain piety through forbearance and by sharing love. That is the message that we must give some reflection as we celebrate Eid today,” the member said.

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