Emir Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli the 19th Emir of Zazzau attends first Friday prayers at Abdul-Kareem Central Mosque Zaria City

EMIR AHMED NUHU BAMALLI; The 19th Emir of Zazzau; The First Friday Prayers (Jumaat) at the Abdul-Kareem Central Mosque Zaria City

Today Friday 9th October 2020 was a beehive of activity in the ancient city of Zaria . An auspicious day by all account seemingly designed to suit a great occasion. On this day thousands had flocked the great city to attend the first Friday prayers with the new Emir of Zazzau, the 19th in a line of great leaders to have ruled the Emirate, Alhaji (Amb) Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli.

From the day of his announcement the 7th day of October 2020, there has been joyous celebrations and a constant flow of traffic to the palace and the residence to pay homage and pledge allegiance to the new Emir by people from all walks of life.

It was a mammoth crowd and a historical day as the grandson of the first Emir of Zazzau Mallam Musa takes his place among the long line of Emirs that have ruled the Emirates in the centuries gone by. Adding to history he is the first from the Mallawa dynasty to ascend the throne since 1920 (a century to date) after the reign of Emir Aliyu Dan Sidi.

A spectacle by all account, colourful and impressive , reliving our memories of the empires gone by and the rich cultural heritage of the Hausa Fulani Empires to live in peace , harmony and great respects for leaders and for one another. This day was a success to all our people and we give thanks to the Almighty Allah for all HIS favours.

May Allah SWT see him through a long successful reign and may it all turn out with abundant khair for him and the entire Zazzau Emirate. Allah ja zamanin Sarki Mai Zazzau Amin

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