Nupe Communities in Mashegu cries out amidst growing insecurity challenges

Kizhi and Fage are two Nupe speaking communities in Mashegu local government of Niger state under attack from kidnappers who are terrorising the villagers.

The kidnappers are said to have returned to the surrounding forests, making life uncomfortable for the villagers whose livelihood depends largely on subsistence farming. Now the villagers cannot access their farmlands for fear of being whisked away by the fearless abductors that are reportedly armed with sophisticated weapons used in raiding the villages.

Settlers in these villages, left with no immediate alternative have on many occasions reported such robbery attacks to relevant authorities both at local and state levels respectively but all appeals by the locals have fallen on deaf ears.

The local government chairman, Mashegu local government, Alhaji Hassan Mazakuka who is by implication from one of the affected villages is said to have taken no action on the incessant attack of villagers who are being asked to pay outrageous ransom to free their relatives.

Concerned citizens of the affected villages have called on the state and federal governments to come to their aid and stop the growing spate of killings.

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