Almajiri Support Initiative: Have you read the story of young Abdul?

Usman Abdul was five years old when he was enrolled into the Almajiri system by his 
parents. He roams the street begging for food with little assurance of getting any. When Abdul is sick, he place his life in the hands of fate cause he can’t afford medical care.

Abdul is 14 now with no western education nor skill to compete in the ever-changing World, Abdul becomes vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

He is an easy target for terrorist organization looking for children to recruit; he is seen as a tool to be use in causing  mayhem and social disorder by unscrupulous element of the society. This is the tale of Abdul and the dangerous fate of 9.5 million (UNICEF 2014 study) Almajiri Children 
scattered in Nigeria with high concentration in Northern Nigeria.

Biyafarms Initiative for the Less Privileged has a mission of removing this children of of the street by enrolling them in Skill Acquisition/Vocational learning Centers, providing a food bank for them and taking care of their health needs. We can’t do this alone, we need financial support to be able to give this children a bright and better future.

Help Biya farms Initiative for the Less Privileged to raise more fund to help vulnerable children like Abdul. You can help donate by clicking HERE

WATCH The video of the Initiative:

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