Corruption remains a bane public office culture in Nigeria

Corruption remains a bane public office culture in Nigeria. We’re all corruption-prone. I heard you murmur you’re not one, right? I understand you. Even beyond your expression and justification. But the corrupt vice in you will abruptly emerge when you’re trusted with public funds. Or you’re made to serve in a particular capacity.

Don’t get it all wrong. Corruption doesn’t depict the embezzlement of money meant for a certain course. It goes far beyond that. Siding someone from your tribe and religion to secure a job or contract when (s)he doesn’t possess the criteria is an act of corruption. Being one-sided in the distribution of commonwealth illustrates corruption. And a host of others which are lucid to you and me.

Forget about paper qualifications. Educated or illiterate, our attitude is alike when it comes to stealing. Professors. Farmers. Doctors. Journalists. Name any profession. And I’ll tell you that everyone steals. And we’re all aspiring Evans. If a chance opens up, people will unleash their conceal greediness.

Do I need to tell you that the religious leaders are not saints? Let not their sweet mouths coax you to believe that they are not thieves.

The slew of problems and a cesspool of corruption which serves as an impediment to the development of the state needs to be addressed. But what is unfolding is somewhat.

In spite of the billion used by NDDC to ‘take care of themselves’ as COVID relief. The obvious recklessness of funds that made the FG peeped at the issue to ascertain the state of thing, nothing was the outcome. The faint drama put up by professor Pondei halted all the hearing. After the public show of shame, everything was swept under the carpet.

Is that the end of everything? Is that how millions of naira spent recklessly would be forgotten? I can’t find answers to the questions. The issue caused an uproar. And everyone wanted to hear the outcome. But seems nothing is forthcoming. We’ve been scammed with mere, staged, and flimsy drama.

Like Maina like Pondei. Menace is being taken and treated with levity hands. And this gives the successors the impression that nothing will happen if they soil their hands in any irregularities. A child that knows how to wash his hands will dine with the elders. Once you play your card right, everything works here.

Is this how we will continue? Well, what do I know?

Almustapha Jadadi

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