Communities submerged amidst persistent flooding

-As citizens calls for government intervention and relocation of communities on floodplains

Heavy downpours in the last one week in some parts of Niger, Kwara and Kogi states have caused devastating flooding in Nupe speaking communities along the banks of river Niger with buildings and other properties submerged in the water due to the overflow of the river.

The riverain communities have for years suffered from the adverse effects of rainstorms, flooding and erosions, in the process leading to the loss of lives and properties worth millions. The predominantly subsistence farming population of the riverain communities have lost farmlands to the seasonal overflow of the river Niger.

Gbaradogi, a riverain community on the bank of river Niger, a few miles away from Patigi in Kwara state is one of the worst hit by the flood with almost all the buildings in the village submerged in the water, apparently making it difficult for the villagers to access their homes and hampering economic activities in the rural settlement.

Residents can be seen relocating after torrential rainfall that has forced them out of their homes. Over three thousand settlers along the river bank are reportedly affected by the flooding, a development that has worsened the poverty situation of the villagers whose livelihood depends largely on subsistence farming.

The Village Head of Gbaradogi, Alhaji Muhammed Salihu on behalf of his people while speaking to newsmen called on the relevant government agencies to come to their aid, lamenting that his people are faced with the seasonal challenge of flooding that usually result in the loss of properties worth millions and sometimes lives.

A resident, Ndakpotun Jibril decried the unfortunate incident and called on the government to relocate the entire community to a more secure and permanent place where they can sleep with their eyes closed.

Similarly, the people of Ketso, on the bank of river Niger in Mokwa local government of Niger state have in the last two weeks been faced with the problems of flooding, so devastating that many of the villagers have now left their ancestral homes for uplands and other communities. The flood has no doubt caused devastating effects on their source of livelihoods; farmlands washed away and belongings drowned in the unfortunate flood, leaving the innocent villagers with nothing to fall back on.

The villagers in their numbers have made a passionate appeal to the governments of Niger and Kwara states to come to their aid by providing relief materials and finding a lasting solution to the perennial problems of flooding. The villagers after they had survived the floods this time, are appealing to the government to relocate the entire community to permanent locations, far from the banks of the river Niger which for many years threatened lives and destroyed properties worth millions.

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