NIPC staff go on strike (watch-video)

NIPC Staff on Strike , started today 9th July 2020- Yewande Must go. Gate closed by National body of staff union

Dear Comrades:

As you are aware the Union has been embroiled in a struggle with the Executive Secretary and Management to address pressing staff welfare matters and institutional failures. However, every civil attempt on our part has been met with a lack of decorum, dishonesty and total disregard on the part of the Executive Secretary and her team. It is on record avenues of civil negotiations and reconciliations has been exhausted by the Union Exco. The NIPC in its 20years of existence has never been so broken, demoralised and polarised. As a result the Union under my leadership has taken decisive action to save our dear commission from this dire situation. Today Thursday 9th of July, 2020 the Union has initiated industrial action. I wish to seize this opportunity to sincerely thank members for your show of extreme patience and decorum in these trying times. I will as always be relying on your support to ensure we salvage what is left of our darling NIPC.

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Aluta Continua!

Comrade Yusuf Mustapha

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