Exposed; See The Images Of An Over 60 Years Old Rapist Caught And Disgraced In Niger state (photos)

In this story an over 60 years old man was yesterday (Saturday; 4th June, 2020) handed to the relevant authorities after receiving a thorough jungle treatment by both family and members of the community.

The old man confessed to having an unlawful canal knowledge of an 8 years old minor in Chanchaga area of Bosso local government, Niger State.

He also revealed to the family, upon initial interrogation, that he successfully lured the innocent girl with the sum of 50 and 30 naira at two different occasions before successfully forcing himself on the unsuspecting minor.

Two days after his unfortunate act, the girl’s mother, having observed some changes in the girl, queried her daughter only to find out that the girl had been assaulted sexually, by the said old man.

When he was first confronted by the mother of the girl, the old man who immediately confessed to his crime, as reported, offered the sum of two thousand naira to the family, with the promise that he would spend whatever sum in providing solution to whatever medical complications that may arise from his unlawful action.

Unfortunately for him, moments after his encounter with the mother of the girl, he quickly went to the girl’s house, in a bid to ask for forgiveness from the girl’s family, using another well respected and known elderly person as a shield. Unknown to him, the family was at its boiling point as they, together with all manners of sympathisers descended on him, right in front of the family’s compound. What you see in the attached images is only a tip of the iceberg. The full length video clip is really worse!

The good news is that the mater has since been handed over to the appropriate authorities and the family is at the time of filing this report satisfied with the way they’ve handled the case thus far!

Oh Allah! Save us from the unwholesome activities of these rampaging rapists and grant our security the will to ‘hand-down’ justice, in every such situations and for all victims.

by: Aliyu Alhassan Reba

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