Festus Keyamo is a hero

Vested interests is doing more harm than good to us as a people collectively. One may end up mistaking some elitist interests for constitutional provisions. They are hijacking any opportunity meant for ordinary Nigerians without any political connection.

I can’t believe that their temerity is to such an impunitive extent, but reading Keyamo’s position on his brawl with the committee constituted by NASS, I am made to believe we are in a total mess as a country.

Instead of them to create their own similar programmes and initiatives to alleviate poverty among their people (in similar manner Mr. President does his own) they are here hijacking what is not theirs (wanting to take undeserving credits).

May Almighty Allah see us through. Amin.

Almustapha Abdullahi Jadadi
Journalist & Youth Activist

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