Orji Uzor Kalu was jailed for embezzling N7.2 Billion. While in Prison, he received his FULL SALARY AND ALLOWANCE as Senator every single month.

After just 5 months,the courts ordered his release. Fellow Senators joined him to celebrate his victory over Nigeria.

His initial sentence was to serve 12 years in prison. He was sentenced by Justice Idris Mohammed sometimes last year. So the Supreme Court nullified that trial and sentence based on “technicalities.” What that means is that he isn’t been released because he isn’t guilty. Apparently the Judge that tried him and found him guilty has just been elevated from High Court to Appeal Court during the trial.

According to Supreme Court, the judge had no jurisdiction to have concluded Kalu’s trial. So his decision after being elevated was nullified.

Anyway, Kalu is a free man and will remain so for a long time. He will continue as his role as Senator. He never stopped being a Senator. He will soon be on the Senate floor to join his fellow Honourable colleagues to legislate and create laws for the rest of us.

The Senate President led his colleagues to join Orji Uzor Kalu celebrate his victory against Nigerians. At the top of this game, it is all solidarity. They had his back while he was in jail, made sure he got his full salary. Expect him to return the favour if any of them also goes to jail.

The only crime you’d ever be guilty of in Nigeria is being poor and powerless. Go to the market and steal a phone and you’d pay with your life. If you dare steal N10,000 and get caught, you’d spend guaranteed years In jail. The law has no mercy for the poor and powerless.

But just become rich, have power and you’d get away with anything. The moment you are influential enough to steal BILLIONS, the law is there to protect you. You can physically and sexually assault people, your fellow Senators and Honourables will “protect and defend you.”
I am tempted to say that our Political class are our weak links but I know that this is a self-delusional farce. Pick any random poor/powerless person from the street, give him/her wealth and power and they’d automatically morph into the quintessential corrupt Nigerian Politician.

We are basically our own problem. We created this system (the law, the culture, the society) and we fan its embers, we ensure its sustainability.
The law is a caricature when put to test. The supreme court is a circus headed by a clown. This whole thing is a one big sad joke.

Just to add: this visit to celebrate Orji Uzor Kalu’s victory is a bipartisan effort oo. Both PDP and APC senators were there to celebrate his release.

Nigeria is a one party state. There is no difference between PDP, APC and other fringe Parties. They’re all allies in evil.

Article Author: Almustapha Abdullahi Jadadi

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