‘I and the eyes of GOD’ – Almustapha Abdullahi Jadadi

Many factors were accounted for the security challenges which have put my dear region on it’s toe.These factors include external influence, opposition part,southern Nigeria influence. I don’t care whoever is sponsoring the security challenges, it could be the devil for all I care but the real perpetrators, the active actors, those who raze villages, attack farmers, rape women, kidnap without discrimination, maim people are mostly northerners,they are mostly Fulanis and other minority groups. We need to blame them first for allowing themselves to used as weapons to destroy their kins.

Look at it from this angle again, many locals five the evil doers information and even help them carry out some activities, for instance, last month a commercial motorcyclist was arrested in zamfara for conveying food items and women from the towns into the hideouts of the kidnappers. There are so many like that who help them in one way or the other, these people are our real problem.

The security personnel have their fault but I don’t blame them at all, my reason is this, like or not, our military and paramilitary has been infiltrated by bad eggs like ex-convicts ,hoodlums(area boys), ex-pickpockets,rapists and all sort of people with shady characters. What do we expect if not security breach since those to defend us have bad elements in their midst.Greed also play a role, a captain can be bought over by a kidnapper with just 30,000#,what a shame. We the civilians are at fault to some extent because we fail to petition the recruitment of such people even when we know them for two reasons; one, lack of knowledge of whee and how to file the petition.Two,fear of threat and attack after filing the petition.

One very crucial factor many fail to take note of is lack of proper communication between the military, paramilitary and the civilians.The civilians see the military and paramilitary as agents of force and oppression, they fear them, so even when some civilians have relevant Intel, they will be scared to approach the relevant authority and before you know it things have escalated. Still on communication, a large number of Nigerians don’t even know the emergency number to dial when faced with fire outbreak not to talk of security challenge (I am one of them).To compound the problem, some of the places being attacked are rural areas with poor communication network making it difficult for communication in cases of emergency.

Lastly, the local vigilante group should be put in use but with serious moderation, it will help a lot because these guys know the terrain of their vicinity just as the evil doers do. With remuneration, equipment and training, these guys will contribute a lot but you can’t expect them to be efficient while they are hungry or lack equipment.

May Allah restore peace to North, Nigeria and the world at large.

Article Author: Almustapha Abdullahi Jadadi

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