Government is making the criminals as winner’s


The bandits are still viciously active, defying the state with contemptuous impunity. Despite the ban on motorcycles in Katsina and other Northwestern States affected by banditry, these barbarians are still operating undeterred. The so-called peace deals the Govs of these States have signed with the bandits turned out to be a worthless agreement. When you make the criminal look like the winner, it makes nonsense of the whole concept of deterrence.

The peace deals and the ban on motorcycles didn’t make the victims safer because the appeasement policy was myopically conceived. Governor’s of Sokoto and Katsina recently announced that they have pulled out of the worthless peace deal. Pulling out of the deals at this stage is like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. Any peace deal that doesn’t cover comprehensive weapons surrender is useless. If the citizens are not safer, what is the value of those peace deals?

Almustapha Abdullahi Jadadi
Journalist & Youth Activist.

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