Jokes: Traveling Professor

Young women laugh out loud in theater

A professor was travelling by boat on a high sea. On their way, he asked the sailor: ‘Hey! do u know Oceanology? Biology? Ecology? Zoology? Physiology?’

‘NO’ said the sailor.

The Prof got angry and said: ‘then what do u know? You will die of illetracy’!.

30 minutes later, the boat started sinking. The sailor looked at Prof and asked: ‘Prof, do u know Swiminology and Escapeology from Sharkology?

‘NO’ said the Prof.

Sailor: Well that means Crocodileology will eat your Headology and u will Dielogy with your Knowledgeology because of your Badmouthology and grammartology. 😆😀😅😂

*Don’t be proud!*
You are not an island of knowledge, don’t look down on anyone, we all have different
grace and ability.

Pls postology and put smilelogy on ur friends’ faceology.😜 😛😝😜

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